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Our Process

Working with a financial advisor means sharing very personal information about both your finances and personal life situation. At Western Reserve Wealth Advisors we gently guide you through this process, learning about your goals, evaluating your assets, setting up a financial plan, and checking in with you as often as necessary. 

Establishing your goals and assets

The first aspect of the process is understanding who you are. We'll ask you questions about your work, your background, your life experiences and what you want to accomplish. Every client has a unique story and we listen carefully to what matters most.

As part of this discovery process we also do a thorough review of your assets by looking at your income statements, wills and trusts, insurance policies, retirement funds and any other sources of income.

Creating a financial plan

After we've reviewed your assets and understand what you want to accomplish, we'll create a financial plan to work toward these goals. As independent financial advisors we make suggestions based solely on your needs.

Setting up periodic reviews

Creating a financial plan is only the beginning. We'll meet with you as often as you'd like to review your financial portfolio and tax plan, and find out if anything has changed in your life that would require adjusting your financial plan.


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