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Do you have an effective college plan in place for your child?

Do you have an effective college plan in place for your child?

Western Reserve Wealth Advisors will help you navigate the college planning process.

As the cost of college tuition continues to sky-rocket you need an effective college plan to ensure your child avoids student loan debt after graduation. A college plan not only will assist your child through the years of higher education but will set them up for financial success for the future as young adults. Western Reserve Wealth Advisors is dedicated to guide our clients with the following:

  • College planning
  • Saving
  • Funding

It’s more than just a plan, we provide guidance, advice, and experience!

Our team guides clients to help them when determining the college saving vehicle that is appropriate for their scenario as well as considering the amount that is needed to be saved. As high school approaches, we will turn your focus towards college affordability. Throughout the year, our process includes:

  • Holding educational seminars

During your child’s college years we will provide guidance with proper draw down methods for college expenses while being sensitive to tax credits that may be available to our child or family.

At Western Reserve Wealth Advisors, we view the student and family as a collective planning unit that begins with the birth of a child and continues through the moment their child receive their first job. Call us today to schedule an appoint to learn more about our college planning process.